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Barred Owl T-Shirt

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Represent one of the most wise and powerful creatures in the forest with the Barred Owl T-Shirt. 

Neat Facts About Kirtlandii Bird T-Shirts: 

  • Pre-Shrunk, Super-Soft, 100% Ringspun Cotton
  • Unisex
  • Premium Quality
  • Digitally Printed Graphic
  • Eco-Friendly Water-Based Ink
  • Printed in USA

Neat Facts about Barred Owls:

  • The Barred Owl gets its name from the barring on its chest.
  • Unlike most North American owls, the Barred Owl has brown, not yellow eyes.
  • Barred Owls are commonly sighted near water, in mature forest habitats throughout the eastern United States. Though they have been expanding their range into the Pacific Northwest.
  • The Barred Owl’s famous “who cooks for you, who cooks for you all” call is most often heard late in the night, the call is mainly used to communicate between pairs and to defend territory.
  • According to ancient tradition owls symbolize wisdom, clarity, and intuition. Seeing an owl is thought to be a sign of coming change in one’s life.
  • Click here to visit the Kirtlandii Blog to learn more about Barred Owls. 

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