New Releases: Mandarin Duck Collection 2019
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$1.00 Donated to the National Audubon Society with order of any Mandardin Duck Shirt. Over $1,000 Donated.
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    All Kirtlandii BirdT-Shirts are:

    • Made from 100% Combed Ringspun (30-32 Singles) Pre-Shrunk Cotton*
    • What that means:
      • Combed = A special treatment that is applied to the cotton before it is spun into yarn. Which results in a more durable and smooth fabric.
      • Ringspun = The constant twisting and thinning of cotton strands. Which results in a significantly softer and stronger yarn. The more the fiber is twisted, the higher the “Singles” number will be….
      • Singles Number = The thread weight used to manufacture the t-shirt, the higher the number, the softer and more lightweight the shirt will feel. The average 100% cotton t-shirt is 18 singles, at Kirtlandii all t-shirts are manufactured at 30-32 singles. Shirts produced at 30-32 singles are very soft and lightweight without feeling “too thick” or “too thin” – the perfect combination of qualities for a t-shirt!
      • Pre-Shrunk = Cotton fibers are compacted together (thus removing space between the stiches, which causes shrinking) during the manufacturing process to limit shrinkage once the shirt is in use. Note: Even pre-shrunk shirts will likely experience some minimal shrinkage once washed.
    *Heather Gray T-Shirts are 90% Cotton, 10% Polyester

    All Kirtlandii Graphics are:

    • Printed in USA using Water-Based Inks
    • What that means:
      • Eco-Friendly
      • Durable
      • Soft to the touch