New Releases: Mandarin Duck Collection 2019
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$1.00 Donated to the National Audubon Society with order of any Mandardin Duck Shirt. Over $1,000 Donated.
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    April through June:  $1 per item sold will be donated to: The National Audubon Society*

    The kirtlandii Impact is our way of giving back to the wildlife that inspires our graphic design. Every 3 months we choose a new organization to receive a $1 per item sold donation. 

    The Kirtlandii Impact is also committed to encouraging interest in birdwatching and conservation by showcasing conservation, environmental, and ornithological organizations and figures in our blog and social accounts. 

    Features of the Kirtlandii Impact include: 

    Conservation Spotlight

    Profiles of conservation organizations that work to save species and provide sanctuary to wildlife.

    Click here to view: Conservation Spotlight

    My Birding Story

    Interviews featuring the birding story of people who have made a profound impact in the fields of ornithology and birdwatching.

    Click here to view: My Birding Story