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    Our Brand

    Kirtlandii is a visual art-based apparel brand, with a mission of enabling our fans to showcase their pride in nature. 

    The graphics that we print onto our t-shirts, sweatshirts, tote bags, etc. feature depictions of nature (flora & fauna) and begin as either hand drawn sketches by our team of artists or actual wildlife photographs.


    "sports fans represent their favorite teams and players with jerseys… it's time for fans of nature to represent what their passionate about..."

    Sections of the Store 


    Collections are specific to a story that showcases the importance, beauty, and in some cases conservation status of a particular wildlife species. Most of our collections are limited editions and fast sellers… (but when they end…they end… so don’t say we didn’t warn you). As part of our Kirtlandii Impact Initiative, at least $1 from each collection-related sale is donated to an organization related to the featured species.

    Hot Duck T-Shirt

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    Each graphic in the Birds section focuses on the details that define specific bird species (colors, prominent features, etc). If you want to represent your favorite species of bird - this is the section to browse!

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    Each graphic in the Wildflowers section focuses on the details that define specific wildflower species. If you want to show off your favorite wildflower - this is the section to browse!

    Red Trillium Tank

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    Each graphic in the Trees section focuses on the details that define specific tree species. If you want to represent your favorite tree - this is the section to browse!

    White Oak Sweatshirt

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    Bird Nerd

    Shirts here feature light-hearted and funny (depending on our sense of humor) comments and sayings that only a true and proud bird nerd would understand!

    Lucky Birding T-Shirt

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    From time to time Kirtlandii partners with artists, authors, and organizations on special projects. 

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    Our Name

    One of our most frequently asked questions...  

    Kirtlandii is the species name of the Kirtland’s Warbler (Setophaga Kirtlandii). Through most of the 1970s and 1980s the Kirtland’s Warbler population was under 500, a dire enough number to get it listed under the Endangered Species Act of 1973. Once recognized, conservationists fought hard to revive the species, focusing on combating its two biggest threats: a lack of suitable Jack Pine breeding habitat and nest parasitism by the Brown-Headed Cowbird. 

    Their heroic work has paid off… the most recent estimates put the population at 4,500 and that number appears to be growing each year! The IUCN Red List downgraded the species from Vulnerable to Extinction to Near Threatened in 2005. And in 2018 a proposal was submitted to remove the species from the Endangered List, citing successful recovery efforts. While the recovery efforts and list downgrades are encouraging, it is important to note that the Kirtland’s Warbler received the highest possible Continental Concern Score from The Partner’s in Flight Organization in 2016. In addition, the US Fish & Wildlife Service notes that grant money dedicated to Kirtland’s Warbler habitat management has decreased in recent years.

    The Kirtlandii name was chosen because it celebrates an incredible conservation story, that recognizes the work of the conservationists that saved the species, while also serving as a reminder that the work to conserve habitat and sustain threatened species is never complete.

    Kirtlandii Logo

    The Kirtlandii logo depicts two singing Kirtland’s Warbler perched atop a Jack Pine branch. Since Kirtland’s Warbler only breed in young Jack Pine forests, the logo symbolizes the dependent relationship between wildlife and nature and represents Kirtlandii’s commitment to the conservation of wildlife species and their habitats.


    The Kirtlandii Impact - Our Serious Commitment to Conservation

    The Kirtlandii Impact is our way of giving back to nature... 

    As mentioned above, around once a month we launch a story-specific Collection that showcases the importance, beauty, and in some cases threatened conservation status of a particular wildlife species. As part of our Kirtlandii Impact initiative, at least $1 from each collection-related sale is donated to an organization related to the featured species.*

    The Kirtlandii Impact also seeks to encourage interest in birdwatching and conservation by showcasing conservation, environmental, and ornithological organizations and figures through our partnership with www.exploringbirds.com and through posts in our blog and social media accounts. 

    *our donations are processed and distributed by the Pledgeling Foundation; the Pledging Foundation takes a 10% overhead ratio out of each donation. 

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